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   I’m currently working towards a Bachelors in Communication in New Media.  I had worked as an IT guy for a Public Library for 7 years but as of July I became a Tax Researcher for a multinational data firm. Not as creative or fun but its got dental. 

    As a side hustle I sell used books and conduct consignment sales on the internet (Ebay, Amazon, AbeBooks).  I’ve experimented with and coached others in various social media ever since Friendster but have retreated from most of it recently due to personal distaste.  I still enjoy a daily half hour or so of Twitter.  

     New Media isn’t going to die in a cul-de-sac of thirst traps though.  With fringe experiments like Scuttlebutt and Loomio exploring social interaction, some netizens are still trying to work the bugs out of the way we communicate.  I can’t help but be fascinated. 

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