I am currently going through a transitional period and have suspended all book sales and swaps.

We sold our house back in March and are going to close on a new home in the next two weeks.  I will also be enjoying a out patient medical procedure in the next few days.  Nothing serious.

I passed the baton on the tech help visits to the Legacy.  The resident’s disregard of a potential life-threatening pandemic was remarkable.  Fox News would blare on TVs, their email inboxes stuffed with right-wing propaganda.  Most of the residents were nice enough but I did receive the occasional lecture on the evils of “socialism”.  From people who were getting tech help through the local public library, subsidized by a government grant.  I would explain this calmly, non-confrontational and understanding. Yup, they didn’t what know what socialism was, and vaguely equating it with Black Lives Matter and CRT.  The management was inconsiderate of my time and the resident’s needs.  Which happens when you pay most of the staff minimum wage.  Contracting COVID despite all of my precautions was the last straw.  My breathing has not been the same since.

In general though the future is looking bright and I look forward to once again having a basement full of books, ready to swap and sell.